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Custom Painting

Custom paint can change the entire look of a room or a house, and is probably one of the most cost effective ways to make a big impact on the way your home looks. Unlike other home improvements, interior painting is inexpensive, and makes every room look great. By looking at the pictures below you can see that working with the right company to help you get the  perfect finished look, it becomes more than just a run of the mill paint job. Most painting contractors don't sit down with a client and work with them to come up with custom looks like the ones below. We do, and it was not done at any extra cost to the home owner. We look at your floors, window treatments, furniture, and other accent pieces in the room to help you come up with rooms that not only look fresh and clean but, will make people say WOW your house looks awesome!

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Crown, Cair Rail and Custom Paint 
Eat in Kitchen area   Living Room


      Game Room  

Custom Paint in Living Room   Living Room Accent wall   Custom Painted Ceiling with mouldings   




   Accent Wall   Kids Room