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Decorative Mouldings

Decorative moldings can work wonders to transform a boring box into a wonderful room. Almost any room in your home, decorated in any style, can benefit and be enhanced by the addition of decorative molding. The pictures below are examples of some of the custom mouldings we have done. They are becoming more popular all the time. Custom mouldings can really do make the house. Crown mouldings, chair rail, shadow boxes, wainscot can all add real value to your home and give it the custom look you are after.

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A little girls room with a custom crown molding. Then we made a shelf out of the crown above the closet for stuffed animals and installed shadow boxes lined with fabric. Also the fabric box next to the closet has cork behind it to use for pinning up projects.



Adding chair rail and shadow boxes to an entry can make for a huge change in the look and first impression of walking into your home.



Wainscoting   Raised panel look   shadow boxes

   Wallpaper, decorative moldings   wainscot

Let's not forget about those big walls in two story entrys. Here are some ideas of what can be done to fill that huge space and make for a very impressive look!








You can also do a Faux Finish inside the boxes for even more visual interest.